Find the Balance.


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Time over time we expect the world to fulfill our expectations. We either think that every person is bad so we hide away from the world. Or we think that every person cares for our good and end up hurt when  the opposite is reveled. The key is to keep a balance, never expect people to be something but let them proof themselves what they stand for and let their actions display their minds.  If your relationship do not go in symbiosis, try again if you really need to but otherwise accept it and let it go. We spend to much time trying to fix people and up losing ourselves. Surround yourself with good energy people, that´s all.

Image: Instagram Account ,  surfshotnoosa. 
Find the Balance.

If You Were A Child – Humans of New York

If You Were A Child

Dream -Mom“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
“A mom.”
“What’s going to be the hardest part about being a mom?”
“Bath time.”

Dora The Explorer“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
“Dora The Explorer.”

Dream - Frosen“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
“A princess.”
“What kind of princess will you be?”
“The one from Frozen.”

Dream Dog Walker“I want to be a dog walker when I grow up.”
“What’s the hardest part about being a dog walker?”
“Holding on to the leash.”

Dream Teacher“I want to be a teacher.”
“What’s the best part about being a teacher?”

Dream Everything“I want to be a singer, a president, and a tennis player.”
“I want to be a president, a teacher, a doctor, and a police.”

Dream - cool“I want to make cars.”
“What’s the best part about making cars?”
“Seeing how fast they go.”
“What’s the hardest part about making cars?”
“Keeping them from exploding.”

Dream - Hairdresser“I want to be a princess hairdresser.”
“What’s going to be the hardest part about being a princess hairdresser?”
“Cutting Rapunzel’s hair.”

Dream Taller“What do you want to be when you grow up?” “Taller!”

Dream -cool1“I want to do be a zoo designer.”
“What’s the most important part of being a zoo designer?”
“Making the habitats feel like home.”
“What would be your favorite habitat to design?”
“The wolf habitat.”
“And what would that look like?”
“It would be big and have a mountain and a lot of evergreens and a little grass but not a lot of grass because most wolves live in Alaska and there’s probably not a lot of grass there.”

A time where everything is possible and everything is interesting. Most importantly children do what they love the most. From this moment, lets live more like children, do what we love and live like everything is possible.

And if you were a child again what would have been your answer? Are you living your childhood dream? Or did you find a new dream? Still figuring it out?

Photo and Honor Credit to this amazing blog, Humans of New York

If You Were A Child – Humans of New York

Charity : Water – Spreading the Message

Charity : Water


Amazing what people can do together.

The idea that Charity : Water inform people where the money goes, take pictures and give result is brilliant. More charity organizations like this one, help that goes directly from the people to the people.

Charity : Water – Spreading the Message

Street Art – Banksy



Leopard found outside Yankee Stadium/ Bronx Zoo

5-waiting-in-vain-at-the-door-of-the-club-on-day-24-fittingly-appeared-outside-the-hustler-clubBanskyBalloons_girlMobile loversStreet Art made by Banksy

The British Street Artist Banksy is leaving footprints all over the world, around every street corner and upon large buildings displayed for the whole city to see. People are literally chasing after his work of art on the streets and quickly updating it on the internet.  His newest piece is the mobile lovers that instead of looking in each others eyes, stretches over their partner´s shoulder to take a sneak peak at their phones. His point is clear, the world is not perfect, formulating it a bit differently, it is messed up.

Next time you walk around the streets keep your eyes open perhaps Banksy been there [or just around the corner.]

Street Art – Banksy