No Valley, No Peak. Dario Catellani

A person is usually not the same person which they once were in the past. Different phases in life, both good and bad, force people to change and develop. However, the most mind-blowing must the illusion of reaching the optimal peak of one´s personal development.

Every time we glimpse back in to the past, we either laugh, shed a tear, sigh with relief, shake our heads, when thinking about the younger versions of ourselves. The phenomena of just imagining the person one used to be, leaves an uncanny and bizarre feeling. Sometimes looking at an old picture, one might find it as staring at a stranger. A stranger, with familiar eyes, that one happens to have certain inside knowledge about, as memories, thoughts and experiences. It is common that an individual at that moment believe that at the current present they have develop to their fullest.

Though, one could not be more wrong and we all know this since when looking back at this present, that is when the present becomes past, we will once again realize we have been fooled by our own mind.  We are not the same; we face changes no matter what, small or big. We might have changed job, changed city, and changed favorite book. We might have even changed our view on life, changed our priorities and changed our life course. In other words, we will never ever cease to change because everything that surrounds us, everything that happens to us has an impression on us.   Still there is so much yet to come that will shape the person one will become in a year, in a month or even in a day.

A person will never stop to change; there is no peak nor a valley to one´s personal development. That is what makes life interesting.

No Valley, No Peak.

Young Spirit // Jesper Lindholm

Jesper Lindholm


Another month and a new young spirit, Jesper Lindholm.


You were elected to chairman for SSU Driktet in march, how did that feel?
It is something that I have thought about for a year and when the person that matter a lot for me tells me that I am the right person for this assignment it motivated me to give it a try and do it. I am glad to have gained the trust of our members, which are all passionate and have lots of opinions. Achieving their trust means a lot for me, especially when you have the opportunity to work with individuals that are engaged, smart and different.

The reason for that I chose to be part of this union is the values that SSU stands for, thinking about creating a fair welfare with equality.

jesper work

When did the interest to involve  yourself in politician begin?
My interest in politics have always been there as long as I have had a conscious about politics. In the beginning when I became aware, maybe five to six years ago, I might not have considered myself to be the one that change it all.  However, I noticed that a lot of people have much to say. My father had a strong opinion about what was right and wrong, the moral part, the importance of taking care of each other, standing up for the weak society. That the society should be seen as something that favor the normal individual, which is the biggest majority. That had a great impact on me.

jesper grandfather

But also other things that my mother and her father, my grandfather, said about taking care of the nature, about not throwing trash and sometimes my grandfather would even pick it up himself if he saw trash in the parks.

“The principle that we are more than just ourselves and our own life,  and that our daily life is not only about us but is about seeing other people in it and be there for the society.”


Can one say that your parents and grandparents have a large part impact on the person you have become today?
I can definitely say that they have played a big and vital role on how I am as a person now.

“The older I have become, the more aware I am of how my closest relatives have affected me both in a good way and bad way.”

I always had the picture of myself as a independent and ambitious person because want it. Though, the older I become I notice that I have been ambitious and productive in order to get their approval.  So I told myself, they are already happy with me, my performance should not determine our relationship. And the relation with what I want to do and my performance should depend on what makes me happy and what I want to do for my own sake.

jesper batman

Do you have other interests?
Yes, ( A determined yes followed with laughter.)
There is still hope. I love to read and watch movies. Music plays an important role in my life, it makes me think about something else, it transforms my thoughts in to words. The lyrics is also important when it comes to the music I listen to but also the construction of the song, the melody. Since I love to dance and work out, music that is fast and has a good beat is always good. Running is another thing that I like,  Dancing and running with good music is a way for me to feel free and it  gives me energy in a life that is otherwise stressful.

The reason I like running is that I like to do something physical. To discuss with people about vital questions, issues and studying is all mental activities. Doing something physical that is about me feels so good. Especially during the run when it is all about achieving small and simple goals as being able to run up a hill. It is a activity that demands concentration and is a challenge, which I prefer. Running also gives me energy and combined with the music I get a kick.


Talking about feelings, when do you feel the strongest and the weakest?
When I overcome my weakness, that is when I feel the strongest, My weakness….is that I think it is important to get other people´s approval and the fact that their opinions affects me a lot. So I feel the best and the strongest when I maybe get critique for something I do and that I in that moment is able to stop myself from getting upset. Instead I tell myself that I want something different  and that I am determined that it is right,  and when i am able to still stand up for what I think, that is when I feel the strongest. Another occasion is when i just feel like relaxing and tell myself, that this very moment is good, it is enough, I do not need to constantly do mentally exhausting tasks,  It is enough to go away to the countryside with some friends or just drink tea in the sofa. And feel like that is enough.


You are strong now, doing this interview.
It is nice to hear because I think it is good.

“In the end it is not about what other people think about me but what matters is that I and other people, that have similar challenges is conscious about this, work on this for our own sake. Talking with you now, is actually a way is to take control over that pattern.”

jesper ny

Many people hold themselves back due to the fear of what other people might think.
Yes, and that people have the urge to interact with each other, which is something that is not beyond our personalities or lives, is normal. It is not possible to get away from our relations or how other people affect and determine how we see ourselves.

jesper lead

Now that you are chairman for a big organization, can one say that it helped you to develop?
It happened pretty fast since you quickly need to step in to a new role, where there is a lot of expectations on how you should be, there is heavy and big work tasks that you must be able to handle. This tasks involves other smart people, that have different desires. They will always want to affect you in one way or another. Then it is important to instead of trying to please everyone, realize that it will never happen that everyone is satisfied, which can be really hard. It can make you upset but to turn it all around and to tell yourself that people will never be happy, is something that  now calms me down and where I can gain strength. A feature that been my weakness, to get people´s approval, is something that I can turn around.

“There will always be people who is not happy.”

My new role demands me to quickly change my mind and stop looking for miracles that satisfy everyone and instead stand up for what I believe in.

What is your goal with this project?
To be honest, during my time as chairman I hope to do big progress, gain more members, discuss question which play a vital role for us, as feminism, anti-racism and that the party will fight to build more housings for young people. To make sure that we develop the economic politics from this decade and not talk about theories from past time. And also too think different and take steps towards the direction we would like to go.

Buzzword for your time as a chairman.
Era-change. (Epokskifte.)

jesper self consious

Are you more self-conscious now?  
I am and I think it is important, compared to some years ago the scrutinizing I do on myself go deeper now.  And that I  now also try to break destructive patterns which I before was conscious about but did not have the energy to fight against.

jesper mickey

Tell me more about Jesper in teen years.
The way that I need to be to feel good. To give me that acceptance to myself is important for me. I do not want to set up different picture of myself and demands. I believe that I will be a good person if I continue to reflect myself and that I believe in myself, have conversations with others,  and listen to people that matters to me. But how it all end or is in teen years is something I leave Jesper in teen years examine himself.

Daily-life planing?
I try to take week for week. In general, for organizations, at work or projects but also our private life, our relationship with people, if it is about big things that need a lot of effort and time to develop it is unfair to ourselves to think at this very moment that we should know how to handle it all, that we need to know every single step towards the goal. It is very common that we end up thinking that we should know everything, then it is very important to break the goal in to small goals, think about what can be done this week, which people do I need to talk with now, if it is possible then fine continue to the next. We do not need to have a solution right away, it is good to know what we want but we should do the best of what we have.

“Give ourselves the chance to figure out the path. We should stop stress ourselves with the thought of having miracle solution right away.”

jesper batman two

When is Jesper satisfied?
I have it hard to be satisfied. I constantly think ahead of time, the moment I achieve the goal I am already planning my next goal and how to achieve it.

“When I was younger I used to think that the glass was half empty but now I begin learn myself that the glass is half full.”

We should give ourselves some credit and see that great effort will lead to success.

jesper life

Describe life with one word.
Rich. (Rikt)

Have you ever thought of the purpose of life and in that case would you like to share your thoughts?
Absolutely, I think it has to be very individual. With that said, it can be seen through two perspectives. My own purpose of life but you can also discuss the question in general. We all want a purpose. It is a big question.

It is individual and we should give life a possibility to create a meaningful purpose which makes life good right now and today. That is what I think is vital. When we think about the purpose of life, that there is a risk that we only think about the final product of life. Thinking about what we have achieved, what we will leave behind instead of thinking  that the meaning of life should start in life from beginning to end, that the meaning of life is with us everyday and every year. This makes life rich. Because if we set our mind on one single thing that we only can experience during a limited time of life, we lose a lot of the real life.

“The purpose of life should change with the paste that we change.”

 A good day is when…
Either it is planed which means that I am active in something stimulating and it could be that I have a politically good discussion, that we achieve a result that change people´s daily life and the society. Or it an be completely unplanned, which I also love, to wake up and stay in bed for a long time and be with a very good friend that you can laugh and fool around with , dance, listen to music, be active outside, take long walks or visit something cultural.

The song you heard before this interview.
First Aid Kit – Silver Lining

Lunch – Dinner
Spring – Fall 
Movie – Books


Your last word to the people reading this. 

“Be bold to hold up and think about yourself, why you do as you do, be bold enough to let go of those thoughts that hold you back and just go for it.”

Young Spirit // Jesper Lindholm



 life book

Life is unpredictable, just in a second your life can change or it can continue as usual. What amazes, there is many things to add to the list, is that life itself is random. You never know who you will meet and which person will mean a lot to you. Or that the person you for the first time speak with, will go through so much with you. That the people that could be important to you might have pass you by or the opposite you might have pass them by. A place you walk by everyday could be where you celebrate your 100th birthday with people you never imagined to know or the place where you get in to a car accident. It is frightening but exciting at the same time, we are just blind fools walking around on the streets, thinking we have it all in control.

Tempted to ask you the question: If you could read a book about your life, from birth to death, would you read it?



The Constant Reminding

The Constant Reminding


If you are set to change your thoughts, attitude and mind you will need a constant reminding. To break old habits, that been in your mind for a long time and that it gone so far that you begin to associate the thoughts with yourself, is hard to break but it is still possible. It will be need a constant hammering. Never expect it to happen in one day, you will sometimes fall back to your old habits but defiantly break the pattern again if your have set your mind. Always remind yourself why you started, why did do choose to change and most of all what was the feeling that made you want to change. It is a life-long struggle so why not start now? Do not fight the old habits by denying them but fight them by first accepting that they exist. Then focus on the goodness of your new habits and be still bold to follow the new you. Remind. Follow. Repeat.

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The Constant Reminding

Hold On – Just a Few Steps More

Just a Few Steps More

keep running

Every single muscle, every bone and every cell is exhausted, both mentally and physically.

You fall to focus, you fall to hold yourself motivated and you fall to continue forward. Do not stop, the last steps hurt the most but they are also the easiest.


Because when you are at your final steps,

you should find motivation by seeing how far you have come,
you should find concentration by seeing what is on the other side of the finish line,
and you should continue forward because it hurts so good.

So do not let the final steps break you down, not when you have come this far. Keep this in your mind every time  you think about giving up when going through life.

“It does not matter if you crawl, stumble, walk or run as long as you hold on and cross the finish line, you will win the power of a strong mind that will never give up.”

Hold On – Just a Few Steps More

Sand Castles

Sand Castles

Sand Castles

Life is like building sand castles, takes a lot of effort to build but seconds to destroy.

We dedicate great effort in to our lives, we spend our whole lives to build empires but we forget the most important, life is made of sand and so are the empires.

The foundation is of sand.

The walls is of sand.

The roof is of sand.

One wave of liquid water can take it down in one sweep. We ignore the fact that other sand castles are sweep away and tell ourselves that the wave will never hit us. The bigger the empire the more confidence, and we think we are lucky. We fail to see the signs of a big wave coming, since we are caught up in our building.

It might come now or now, or now.

Therefore let us build castles of steel, a castle that no wave, no matter how big, can destroy. A castle with a foundation of steel, walls of steel and roof of steel. From the warmth of love, guidance of  truth and the final cooling of forgiveness, let us build empires made of love, truth and forgiveness, which together will build the strongest empire of them all.

No fear. No waste. No disappointments. Only a standing empire.

“Let us create our lives with the help of love, truth and forgiveness. This way we will reach immortality sooner or later. “

Sand Castles

Young Spirit – Filiz Boyraz

filiz 3

Filiz Boyraz lives in Stockholm, Sweden and is one of my closest friends. And this is what this young spirits thinks about the world, dreams and everyday life…

When did you realize you like to photograph?
At the end of ninth grade, I had started to follow blogs which inspired me. At first I bought a digital camera but it did not take so long time before I bought myself a SLR camera. I would like to dedicate more time to take pictures. More time to take picture of simple and everyday life. I like everyday life.

Filiz TurkietFiliz Boyraz Cami

Do you have other interests?
I feel like I do not have time for more, used to play handball. Maybe in the future I could have programming as a hobby, do it on my spare time. My interest in programming did not really start until I began my education. Though the thought did come up during a curse in webdesign. I thought they were the same thing but the are two completely different things.  It is fun because it is like building with blocks but in programming everything is digital. 

filiz 5 ninjaDo Filiz have any dream?
Not really, everything is uncertain. The longest I can think about is traveling and studying abroad. Studying in Korea is something I promise myself to do, take the chance to study at one of the top universities and live in a place long from home.

“It will not remain a dream, it is a must.”

Otherwise, I find it hard to plan something that is in the future. When I was younger i used to have a clearer picture about every day but now I feel that daily life never is exactly the same as you imagine.

filiz marathon
You recently ran a marathon with a friend, how did that feel?
Well, this marathon was not exactly a marathon, much shorter. Still at the finish line, I felt great.  I broke my own record because the amazing competitive atmosphere. Competition is defiantly something I like. More competition about different schoolwork is something I would like to participate in.

“It is not that I like to compare myself with others, I just like the way it makes me feel, do act smart during pressure and stress.”

Do you surprise yourself when you accomplish something?
I always surprise myself. You can imagine what might happen but it never be like you expected it to be. When I accomplish something it strengthens my confidence, sometimes too much. (laughter)

filiz 4 landfiliz walking explore
A perfect day is…
The more things I get out of that day, the more happy and satisfied I am with the day. A lazy day at home is nice but it is not so interesting. I usually go out for walks and when I end up on streets I never explored or been, then I pretty happy about that day.

filiz 2When do you feel the strongest?
After training (laughter). That is when I am physically strong but mentally I would say when I talk myself in to doing something I have been hesitating about for a long time.

In contrast, when are you weakest?
When you do not understand something that someone tries to explain to you over and over again. Then I do not like to have to ask again. An other situation is when you regret not doing something.

filiz cover eyes
A question that is uncomfortable to ask.
If I am uncertain about how a person feels and when I need to ask about personal things, which is not exactly my best side.

Dream destination.
There is so many places I would like to see. If I just pick a country just like that…then Egypt. Something in Africa but with a middle eastern vibe. Okay, I  changed my mind, I would choose Morocco. My mother´s friend was recently there and showed us some picture, now I so want to go there. A place that has got desert and camels.

Do you have any close childhood memory?
When I was little we spent a lot of time in Turkey and the nights there is pitch black. I used to play hide and seek in the middle of the night with the neighborhood´s children. And that is something we always talk about now when we meet again.

filiz in the walk
If you could improve yourself with something, what would that be?
More social skills. Be able to express myself in text. I do not really have a great interest in it but I begin to comprehend that expressing myself in text might be something I need to work on.

filiz 6 book
Have you ever though about the meaning of life?
Yes, I actually have. The meaning of life is having things to look forward to. It can be ordinary things like “today I am going school or going to eat dinner with my friends”. As a child I read a book that actually was about the meaning of life and it was a boy that asked people what they thought was the purpose of life.  That book made me think and ask myself that question. The explanations from different people was quiet simple, it was a book for  children.

“An explanation I remember was a old man saying that the purpose of life was candy.”

Any expectations on the world?
No.  I have no expectations and therefore I am not disappointed either. I survive pretty good with that.  Describing people I would say that they are strangers and alive. But recently I have been more open for the world, especially different food. partly because of my friends.

filiz schoolfiliz programing
You are studying programming which is a field with not so many girls. How is that?
I does not bother me so much. I tried to hang out with some of the girls but it did not go so well.  There is lot of talk about few girls reading this course and the universities tries attract them to this field in a wrong way.  I think you really do not have to say something, the ones interested in this field will eventually end up in this field. I did not hear anything about this talk when I applied this education, I just took it since it had a lot of math.

“You should take what you are interested in and not what other people say about it.”

I do not know if some feel like the small amount of girls in the programming field might stop them from taking the education. Like earlier mentioned, I never heard about this “problem”, maybe that is why it was easy to choose. It does not bother me.

Latest song you heard.
Something I heard on the train on my way.
A song from a Korean music group ViXX.

”The Housekeeper and the Professor” by Yoko Ogawa.  
It is about math, at the same time more than just that. It is about relationships and using math as communication  when there is no other way to communicate.

Autumn – Spring
Countryside – City
Breakfast – Dinner (As long as it is special and not the ordinary, anything would do.)
Books – Movie

filiz last words 2filiz last words

Last words. 
I have been thinking about a question you asked me awhile ago,  about what I would have said as an advice to a large amount of people.

“There is nothing you can say to a large group of people, each individual has something unique for them that they need hear.”

(Photos: Filiz Boyraz Instagram, @filizboyraz.)

Thank you so much, Filiz!

Young Spirit – Filiz Boyraz