Young Spirit // Poya Livälven

Poya Livälven


This month´s young spirit is Poya!

Do you have any interests?
I have a lot of interests; I am quiet evolved in social and political issues. Otherwise music and scientific literature also interests me. As a student I try to engage myself in different unions.
My interest in politics began a couple of years of go and since then I have met a lot of people and I have also become more aware of social and political issues. A big part of life is not only about sitting alone and studying but you also need that social contact, learn that we all are different. envolved poyaHave you always been so engaged?
The older I become the more engaged I happen to become. The reason might be that I have always been that person that give my fullest when it comes to school, I had lot of expectations and I wanted to go out high school with good grades. Now that I got accepted in university I applied for I feel I have more freedom to explore, be more social and do more of those stuff that I like. The education field that I have now chosen is a long one and if I only study it would not be that fun even though I might learn a lot.

“It is for my own sake so that I can create a balance between my studies and social life.”

piano poya

You also play a lot of instruments.
Piano is my main instrument but I also play a lot of other instruments like the guitar and I also sing. It is more of a hobby and defiantly something that contribute to the balance I aim to achieve.
I love music and I listen to it daily, I use it to express my feelings, it is a exercise where I can use my creativity. And that is good because if you only read scientific literature, you do not use your own creativity. I began to play piano when I was about eight years ago and I was more serious about music than what I am now because I also need to gibe time to my studies. Music is more of a hobby thing now.

What is your aim in life?

“My biggest aim in life is to become a good human being.”

I do not want to make history only for the reason to become famous, it would be fun but it is not my main focus. The reason that I chose to study medical was for the reason to help and change the small but important around me.

My interest to become a doctor has always been there since I was small, I have always liked the scientific but also to help people, and it is a combo that the medical field can provide for me. You are able to see people through different perspectives, through a social, chemical, biological and psychological view.

But of course the surrounding do have an impact, it is highly seen career and my parents have always encouraged me, not that they have pushed me but recommended that the role as a doctor would suit me. It is also that my families have had a lot of sick family members, my grandfather died due to a disease. My grandmother has diabetes. The issue about unfortunate health has always been there.

“Being surrounded by sick people and seeing how it affect the people around thee, I feel it would be fantastic to help by reducing the suffering and stress.”

Otherwise, I have a great interest to travel and as a doctor getting a job abroad is not hard, you have the guarantee of a good life. Not many people have the probability to get a job anywhere in the world. I would like to travel around the world, visit small villages and help the people there.

doctor poya

Was medical school what you expected it to be?
Yes and no. At first you believe that a doctor is like a super human, I you expect that they differ compared to other people.

“They are heroes but now I realize that doctors are like any body else, they have shortcomings, and they can be idiots or kind persons. Doctors can be insecure as any other working person.”

As a study field, it is fun but challenging. I have more of a realistic view on how doctors are now than before. It makes it more beautiful because you see that they are just ordinary people that decided to spend their time and energy on helping others.

purpose poya

What is your attitude towards life?
My attitude towards life is that you should live a honest life towards yourself. They have done a study when they ask people before they die what they regret the most, and a majority of the patients at a hospital answered that…

“… they regret living a life that they did not chose themselves but followed other people’s expectations and demands, that they never took the  decisions according to their opinion but based on other people´s opinions.”

This have turned out to affect me quite a lot lately, I try to eliminate everything that is destructive to the human kind politically, economically and so on. It is important to life an honest life, that you take decisions you want to proceed but that does not mean that you can be egoistic and hurt other people but you should not sacrifice yourself. In the end, the only person you will live with is no one else than yourself, friends come and go, and so does relations. It is a natural progress and one should not take life way too serious.

It is not always easy to live a honest way of life, personally I evolve myself quiet a lot when it comes to relationships and friends, I often sacrifice myself, and that exposes me to a great amount of disappointment when I do not receive the dedication back.

“However, it is stupid to have such high expectations on people, so lately I have stopped to have too high expectations on people.”

I have my values that I try to follow, it is not easy and I do not always succeed.

 When do you feel the strongest?
I feel the strongest when I do something I like or something that I am good at, when I gain confidence. It could involve my education, music or any other interest.

 In contrast, when you do feel the weakest?
As earlier mentioned, when friends and people disappoint me, I become low and moody. I am in need of having control and I have it hard to let go of things but lately I realize it is something you need to learn.

 Do you have any expectations on the world?
I have zero expectations on the world. People have no food or shelter, there are people living in horrible situations. My ideals and my expectations on the world are two different things.
As the world is now, based on a wrong economic principal where the resources are divided unfairly and where it is all about the survival of the fittest. We destroy the environment and the humans due to the fact that we strive for profits and we have a lot of greed. So I have no expectations whatsoever.

“The ideal would be that we use science to develop eco-friendly system, where everyone can live the life they want, do the things they care and love to do but also enjoy this world.”

This system is not created because people earn money on how this world looks today.


When is Poya satisfied?
When my companions can enjoy something I did and when I have helped someone. Or when I do something I love.
A perfect day would be spontaneous, eat well and just enjoy, taking day for day.

Traveling plays a vital role in your life.
Yes, it does because I have never learned as much as I have when traveling. A book in geography can tell you a lot but it is not until you stand there yourself and fully understand the people, the language and the cultural that you have seen that country.  One can really learn a lot from each other.

Have you ever thought about the purpose of life?
Of course, I have and I think it is a question that a lot of people have questioned. To be honest, I really do not think there is a great purpose life; I think it is as it is. We will never get the answer.
We need to take control of our own lives and not place it in someone else life, not politically or to a supernatural power. The purpose of life is a something one need to discover by your own.

“Like earlier mentioned my meaning of life is to be the best I can be by living an honest life.”

Describe life with one world.

We both love and hate each other. We try to help and at the same time destroy. It is a paradox. 

 Latest song.
Bohemian rhapsody- Queen.

Dinner or lunch
Fall or Spring
Movie or Book


Any last words to the people.
We live in a world that is quiet similar to the animal kingdom, where the smallest sign of weakness makes you vulnerable. It is all a competition about who is the best, the most attractive, the strongest and so on. We need understand that it does not need to be like that, we can create a world with a different state of mind. Our society is based on that the world has limited resources and that is the reason we compete with each other.

“You need to view the world with a critical eye, question everything. We should help each other and not take life too serious.”

Young Spirit // Poya Livälven

It is okay – Lost Dreams

Lost Dreams


Let’s clear something out, this something is called dreams.

Often people ask you about your dreams in life, what you want to do when you grow up or what is your passion that keeps you running?

The truth is, dreams are not always clear. Dreams can be hard to find, which can make you feel lost and misplaced.  Dreams can change, you develop every second so it is not surprising that your dreams change too. Dreams can be undefined, it is not always about work, education and achievements. Dreams can be anything.

It is okay not to have a specific dream. Living for each day, living in the moment and living to grow might give more mindfulness than accomplishing and living dreams.

It is okay to have dreams and it is okay not to have dreams.

“Just keep your mind open, stay true, respect everyone and great things will happen to you, great things that go beyond your lost dreams.”

It is okay – Lost Dreams