One simple question, so much love.

Kindness is all around us,

Do something kind every day, without expecting something in return.

Every act of kindness you can imagine.

A genuine smile. An unexpected compliment. Feelings heard, ideas sparked. Do an act today, share your experience, and inspire others to create a kinder world.

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One simple question, so much love.

Paradox – Choose to Shine



It is funny. Funny how we would never  let anyone hurt the ones we love. If we saw someone beat, spit and hurt the ones we love  by words or actions, we would never even doubt to protect that person. We would not think about the pain and blood we would see, but we just break through every obstacle  in our way to  hold our arms around the ones we love, and whispering in their ears, I am here now.

When it comes to our selves, we just stand there. Letting our mind beat, spit and hurt our soul by words or action. We let our mind take every particle of happiness, love, strength, hope and peace from our souls by letting our mind take in the negativeness of the world.

Stop your mind from telling your soul to believe in falsehood and corruption, hate and greed, anger and envy.  Break through this negative cloud and wrap your arms around your soul, and whisper, I am here now.

Before your shining soul fades away. Change your thoughts, change your world.

Choose to shine.

“You have a responsibility to help the ones you love, the one you know and the ones you see. But never forget to help yourself, because if you help yourself only then can you help ones in need. “

Paradox – Choose to Shine

Never say: What if?

You did your best, that is what matter.

do your best

Do what it takes to achieve the peace of mind and satisfaction of having the knowledge that you did the best you could. Your effort need a result, not a result that fulfills your expectations. If the result is good, continue that you do what you do. If the result is not what you wanted, try again if you still want it or let it go.

Let go when you have given your fullest and never when you done something half-heartedly. It will haunt you, tease you and destroy you by constantly asking you: What if?

“No matter what it is, love, friendship or daily task, do your best and leave no space for regretful thinking.”

Never say: What if?