It is okay – Lost Dreams

Lost Dreams


Let’s clear something out, this something is called dreams.

Often people ask you about your dreams in life, what you want to do when you grow up or what is your passion that keeps you running?

The truth is, dreams are not always clear. Dreams can be hard to find, which can make you feel lost and misplaced.  Dreams can change, you develop every second so it is not surprising that your dreams change too. Dreams can be undefined, it is not always about work, education and achievements. Dreams can be anything.

It is okay not to have a specific dream. Living for each day, living in the moment and living to grow might give more mindfulness than accomplishing and living dreams.

It is okay to have dreams and it is okay not to have dreams.

“Just keep your mind open, stay true, respect everyone and great things will happen to you, great things that go beyond your lost dreams.”

It is okay – Lost Dreams