Do It Now, Do It Today

Do It Now, Do It Today


Today is the time to change. Stop all this pushing, wasteful over-thinking, regret and frustration. Whatever you want to do, do it now.

Today is the time you visit that country you always wanted to see, call the person you missed so much, read the books on your book-list and cook your favorite dish. And most importantly tell the ones you love how you feel about them.

We tend to avoid reality and expect that the sun will always rise the next morning and we will go on living for an eternal. But the truth is there might not be a tomorrow. Set your priorities right, do what makes you come alive, do the things that matters to you.

“Live like there is no tomorrow.”



Do It Now, Do It Today

You Can If You Want

You Can If You Want

dane in the rain

Do whatever you want. There is no actual time for anything, just time for everything. Put Christmas lights in the garden in the summer if you feel like it because you can if you want.  Eat a birthday cake with candles on and make a wish because you can if you want, even though it is not your birthday. Dress up in your finest clothes for breakfast and drink the finest and expensive juice once in a while because you can if you want.

You made rules to follow in life. The rules should guide us not rule us. There are rules that are vital to follow to create a functional and human society and some rules are made up after norms. Distinguish these rules and live because you can if you want.

You Can If You Want