Minimalist-Style Tattoos.

mini1 I rediscovered these beautiful images of minimalist-style tattoos. The story behind them is fantastic. The artist Stanislava Pinchuck, aka Miso, created this tattoos while working in Melbourne and Tokyo. Other than being beautiful there is a twist. Instead of requiring money in exhange for a tattoo, Misco received some sort of creative trade. She felt the tattoos to be too important and intimate for her to accept money. mini2mini3mini5

“A trade for what someone feels its worth – maybe they teach me a skill in return, cook me dinner, give me a book I would love, assistant work, whiskey,” she explains.


The homemade tattoos are inspired by memory, space, and geography, and then delicately-lined imagery is translated onto the body.


Misco Website.

Minimalist-Style Tattoos.