One simple question, so much love.

Kindness is all around us,

Do something kind every day, without expecting something in return.

Every act of kindness you can imagine.

A genuine smile. An unexpected compliment. Feelings heard, ideas sparked. Do an act today, share your experience, and inspire others to create a kinder world.

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One simple question, so much love.

International Day of the Girl.

Worlds apart – the challenges for girls

If you make it into the world you’ve already achieved something.

More female babies are aborted than males.

You have less chance of being educated than if you were a boy.

Twice as many girls as boys will never start school.

Millions of girls are at risk of FGM.

The UN has called it a violation of the human rights of girls and women.

You are more likely to get married young.

One in four girls globally are married before they reach 18.

Each month, when you get your period you could be shunned.

In some countries you’re seen as untouchable and forced to sleep outside.

As a girl, you’re at greater risk of HIV.

Girls aged 10 to 14 are more likely than boys to die of Aids-related illnesses.

Worldwide, the biggest killer of girls aged 15 to 19 is suicide.

Teenagers are at more risk of having unsafe abortions than older women.

Maternal death is the second biggest cause of mortality for girls aged 15 to 19.

If you make it through school, dodge early marriage and get into paid employment, the odds are you’ll earn less for doing the same job as your male colleagues.

Currently, it will take more than 100 years to end inequality between girls and boys.

The Guardian, Oct 2016.

International Day of the Girl.

Challenge No. 2


I challenge you to train your mind to see the good in everything. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. It will no longer be a fallen ice cream cone, but a reason for cracking up in laughter.

This change does not happen overnight. However, the small effort will make a great change. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes.

We can do it!

Challenge No. 2

Challenge No. 1

I challenge you to smile at someone.

smile challenge

Yes, to smile.

When you have read this, I challenge you to smile at a person, may it be the person next you or before you, it does not matter, just smile. Even if you do not know them, smile.

A smile does not have to lead to something or mean that you have something in mind. You should just smile and spread some joy. It is as simple as that. Maybe you come across someone else challenging themselves…

 Are you ready for this challenge? When you look up, I want you to smile.

If you are really brave, do this on Monday morning on your way to work or anything!

Challenge No. 1