Vouge China November 2015.

Andreea-Diaconu-by-Lachlan-Bailey-9 Andreea-Diaconu-by-Lachlan-Bailey-1 Andreea-Diaconu-by-Lachlan-Bailey-2 Andreea-Diaconu-by-Lachlan-Bailey-3 Andreea-Diaconu-by-Lachlan-Bailey-4 Andreea-Diaconu-by-Lachlan-Bailey-5Photography: Lachlan Bailey 
Styled by: Clare Richardson
Hair: Rudi Lewis
Makeup: Mark Carrasquillo
Manicure: Elisa Ferri
Model: Andreea Diacon

Vouge China November 2015.


We are often our hardest critics, but that can sometimes hold us back.
This is a social experiment where people are asked how they would rate their level of “success” and the result is that we often seem  more successful to others than ourselves.

This project aims to redefine the word “success” in the modern dictionary.
According to Strayer University, 90% (!) of Americans associate success with happiness rather “the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect or fame”, which is the current dictionary definition of success.

(A Plus.)