Good vibes only.


Artist Scotty Russell blends elements of hand lettering with illustration to produce uplifting messages that are perfect for anyone pursuing their passion. He creates the images under the moniker Perspective-Collective. But whatever the message may be, they’re sure to strike an emotional cord for someone working hard to achieve their dreams.

Through Perspective-Collective, Russell wants to “send good vibes” to the world, citing that his art is a way to achieve it. The skilled designer’s inspirational hand-lettered creations are currently available as prints through his online shop.

perspectivecollective9perspectivecollective5 perspectivecollective12perspectivecollective14 perspectivecollective10 perspectivecollective13 perspectivecollective7 perspectivecollective4 perspectivecollective11 perspectivecollective15

Good vibes only.