No Valley, No Peak. Dario Catellani

A person is usually not the same person which they once were in the past. Different phases in life, both good and bad, force people to change and develop. However, the most mind-blowing must the illusion of reaching the optimal peak of one´s personal development.

Every time we glimpse back in to the past, we either laugh, shed a tear, sigh with relief, shake our heads, when thinking about the younger versions of ourselves. The phenomena of just imagining the person one used to be, leaves an uncanny and bizarre feeling. Sometimes looking at an old picture, one might find it as staring at a stranger. A stranger, with familiar eyes, that one happens to have certain inside knowledge about, as memories, thoughts and experiences. It is common that an individual at that moment believe that at the current present they have develop to their fullest.

Though, one could not be more wrong and we all know this since when looking back at this present, that is when the present becomes past, we will once again realize we have been fooled by our own mind.  We are not the same; we face changes no matter what, small or big. We might have changed job, changed city, and changed favorite book. We might have even changed our view on life, changed our priorities and changed our life course. In other words, we will never ever cease to change because everything that surrounds us, everything that happens to us has an impression on us.   Still there is so much yet to come that will shape the person one will become in a year, in a month or even in a day.

A person will never stop to change; there is no peak nor a valley to one´s personal development. That is what makes life interesting.

No Valley, No Peak.

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