Polaroid Story.

Polaroid Story.


A Polaroid Story is often a picture that is perfection due to it imperfections. The picture give a straight and unedited image of what is caught through the lens. Sometimes it sees more than the naked eye.

You only have one click and than the image is immediately in printing progress, there is no turning back or deleting, you get what you see. Before that there is a waiting progress that requires that you have patience even though there might be an uncertainty of the outcome. It is in this progress the pitch black slowly transforms to something much more, and when the picture is finally brought up from the deep black  and ominous sea you witness a image. It may involve closed or red eyes, nostrils, messy hair, a way to close shot, floors, walls, glowing sun-rays, indescribable happiness, pure love, acute pain or horrifying emptiness.

But that is what makes Polaroid pictures beautiful, they show only what they see, there is no editing to cover the real and there is defiantly not any options to delete it without denying the truth.

This is exactly how one should live one´s life, determinedly press the one-shot option, patiently let the printing progress begin, and with no expectation the easier the waiting will be. In the end no matter what the final result is, it is perfect, it is a perfect Polaroid story.


 Polaroid photos on the wall. 
The last Polaroid photo .


Polaroid Story.

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