Charlie May AW14 x 3

Charlie May AW14 Mania 

From Backstage to the Runway, and from the Runway to the Campaign. 

// Backstage800Charlie_May_AW_14_Backstage_LFW_Photography_Joseph_Piper_LARGE_IMG_1555Charlie_May_AW_14_Backstage_LFW_Photography_Joseph_Piper_MEDIUM_IMG_1523Charlie_May_AW_14_Backstage_LFW_Photography_Joseph_Piper_MEDIUM_IMG_1519Charlie_May_AW_14_Backstage_LFW_Photography_Joseph_Piper_MEDIUM_IMG_1534Charlie_May_AW_14_Backstage_LFW_Photography_Joseph_Piper_MEDIUM_IMG_1651800Charlie_May_AW_14_Backstage_LFW_Photography_Joseph_Piper_LARGE_IMG_1574800Charlie_May_AW_14_Backstage_LFW_Photography_Joseph_Piper_LARGE_IMG_1625


Charlie_May_003-500x750 fallCharlie_May_004-500x750 fallCharlie_May_007-500x750Charlie_May_011-500x750 fallCharlie_May_015-500x750 fallCharlie_May_016-500x750 fallcharlie-may-aw14-1

 //Campaigncharlie may fall2charlie may fall3charlie may fall4charlie may fall5charlie may fall6charlie may fall7charlie may fall 9

Black and White never looked so good. (Adore the bizarre and awkward angles of the campaign images.)

Backstage Photos: Joseph Piper.
Last Backstage Photo: Kylie Eyra Martin.
Runway Images: Simon Armstrong.
Campaign: Atlanta Rascher.

Charlie May AW14 x 3

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