Spreading The Message – Giving to People Who Give.

Giving to People Who Give.


Spreading The Message – Giving to People Who Give.

Seven Days, Seven Outfits.

No.1 zara fall 12

Match high neck sweaters with thick cardigans, and to complete the look use some wide pants.

No. 2zara fall13

The detective trench coat, suitable for simple occasions or just a stroll downtown.  Add tight leggings.


The extra long cardigan, complete the look with sneakers and a warm high neck sweater.


All black outfits,  use different fabrics and textures to keep the outfit interesting.


Keep the warmth close with a body near and long cardigan, wear it as a dress. Use your black Birkenstock s from this summer by simply adding white socks.

 No.6 zarafall19zara fall12

And of course, the black jacket.


The leather skirt might be too much for some but this fall the leather items play a great role. Perfect for edgy babes.

To sum it all up, this fall the cozy and the comfortable are the two key features. With a pair of sneakers, extra long length, high neck sweaters and warm smile you will definitely survive the cold.

All the items can be found on Zara. 

Seven Days, Seven Outfits.

Spreading the Message – 42 Of The Most Powerful Ads.

42 Of The Most Powerful Ads.

 // Save Paper – Save The Planet


Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen, Denmark

 // Neglected Children Are Made To Feel Invisible. Stop Child Abuse Now


“To dramatize the issue of neglect, we placed mannequins dressed as children behind billposters. When the inevitable happened, we revealed a second message.” (Australian Childhood Foundation, JWT Melbourne)

// Air Pollution Kills 60.000 People A Year


Advertising Agency: unknown

// For The Homeless, Every Day Is A Struggle


Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, Australia

Hopefully the ads will have a impact on people. That they make us give it a second thought and change our behavior.  Most importantly, the first step is to change your own behavior.

For all the 42 ads. 


Spreading the Message – 42 Of The Most Powerful Ads.