life book

Life is unpredictable, just in a second your life can change or it can continue as usual. What amazes, there is many things to add to the list, is that life itself is random. You never know who you will meet and which person will mean a lot to you. Or that the person you for the first time speak with, will go through so much with you. That the people that could be important to you might have pass you by or the opposite you might have pass them by. A place you walk by everyday could be where you celebrate your 100th birthday with people you never imagined to know or the place where you get in to a car accident. It is frightening but exciting at the same time, we are just blind fools walking around on the streets, thinking we have it all in control.

Tempted to ask you the question: If you could read a book about your life, from birth to death, would you read it?



One thought on “Unpredictable.

  1. Yes, absolutly I would read it. Im my best life supporter! I believe in myself the good the not so good and the ugly! It’s the only way to gain experience and become better. Shucks it may make the best sellers list because it helped so many other people !

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