The Constant Reminding

The Constant Reminding


If you are set to change your thoughts, attitude and mind you will need a constant reminding. To break old habits, that been in your mind for a long time and that it gone so far that you begin to associate the thoughts with yourself, is hard to break but it is still possible. It will be need a constant hammering. Never expect it to happen in one day, you will sometimes fall back to your old habits but defiantly break the pattern again if your have set your mind. Always remind yourself why you started, why did do choose to change and most of all what was the feeling that made you want to change. It is a life-long struggle so why not start now? Do not fight the old habits by denying them but fight them by first accepting that they exist. Then focus on the goodness of your new habits and be still bold to follow the new you. Remind. Follow. Repeat.

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The Constant Reminding

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