Hold On – Just a Few Steps More

Just a Few Steps More

keep running

Every single muscle, every bone and every cell is exhausted, both mentally and physically.

You fall to focus, you fall to hold yourself motivated and you fall to continue forward. Do not stop, the last steps hurt the most but they are also the easiest.


Because when you are at your final steps,

you should find motivation by seeing how far you have come,
you should find concentration by seeing what is on the other side of the finish line,
and you should continue forward because it hurts so good.

So do not let the final steps break you down, not when you have come this far. Keep this in your mind every time  you think about giving up when going through life.

“It does not matter if you crawl, stumble, walk or run as long as you hold on and cross the finish line, you will win the power of a strong mind that will never give up.”

Hold On – Just a Few Steps More

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