Sand Castles

Sand Castles

Sand Castles

Life is like building sand castles, takes a lot of effort to build but seconds to destroy.

We dedicate great effort in to our lives, we spend our whole lives to build empires but we forget the most important, life is made of sand and so are the empires.

The foundation is of sand.

The walls is of sand.

The roof is of sand.

One wave of liquid water can take it down in one sweep. We ignore the fact that other sand castles are sweep away and tell ourselves that the wave will never hit us. The bigger the empire the more confidence, and we think we are lucky. We fail to see the signs of a big wave coming, since we are caught up in our building.

It might come now or now, or now.

Therefore let us build castles of steel, a castle that no wave, no matter how big, can destroy. A castle with a foundation of steel, walls of steel and roof of steel. From the warmth of love, guidance of  truth and the final cooling of forgiveness, let us build empires made of love, truth and forgiveness, which together will build the strongest empire of them all.

No fear. No waste. No disappointments. Only a standing empire.

“Let us create our lives with the help of love, truth and forgiveness. This way we will reach immortality sooner or later. “

Sand Castles