Indestructible – No expectations



Most of the cases where you end up hurt is when your expectations fail. A tiny bit of your heart break and the ground seems to fade. You fall on the rock hard ground.

There is a way to avoid this pain. Have no expectations on others, on yourself and on situations. Do not expect someone to hold their promise, you will not get hurt if they break it. Though you  should still give them a chance to prove it. Do not expect your performance to be on a certain level but do your best. And do definitely not have expectations on situations, your planing may fail and your crushed heart will just make the situation worse.

With no expectations you become indestructible, nothing will shake you or break you. If the result is not the best you will see the fall as bungee -jumping. You will fall, by your own will, but not hit the ground. A good result without expectations is even sweeter, you will fly of joy, higher than your own believed limits.
The outcome is the same, the ground fades away but you handle the situation differently. You spare yourself from over-thinking , worry and future agony.

“Whatever you do, whatever others do, whatever life does, do not have expectations, you will end up just fine, no matter what.”

Indestructible – No expectations

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