The Story behind Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

taj mahal1taj-mahal-sunrise_6724_600x450SONY DSCindia grav taj mahaltaj mahal waterPhoto from above: One, Two, Three, Four, Five

It is not until you touched the cooling white marmot, run your fingers on the scripture of love, sensed the echoing scream of a brunt heart and inhaled the scent of every printed flowers, that you can say that you have indubitably seen Taj Mahal.

The story behind is tragic and ends like a Shakespeare with a east-an flavor.   Shah Jahan was a ruler of the Indian Mughal kingdom. At the time of his death he had nothing left, no wealth, no family but what hurt him the most was the absence of his wife and her warming love. Due to her death he made a grand and beautiful palace to put her to rest. Unfortunately, after a decade when the last marmot brick was placed, his son took over the kingdom and placed his father in prison. They say he had a window where he could see the palace of his queen.


The Story behind Taj Mahal

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