Street Art – Banksy



Leopard found outside Yankee Stadium/ Bronx Zoo

5-waiting-in-vain-at-the-door-of-the-club-on-day-24-fittingly-appeared-outside-the-hustler-clubBanskyBalloons_girlMobile loversStreet Art made by Banksy

The British Street Artist Banksy is leaving footprints all over the world, around every street corner and upon large buildings displayed for the whole city to see. People are literally chasing after his work of art on the streets and quickly updating it on the internet.  His newest piece is the mobile lovers that instead of looking in each others eyes, stretches over their partner´s shoulder to take a sneak peak at their phones. His point is clear, the world is not perfect, formulating it a bit differently, it is messed up.

Next time you walk around the streets keep your eyes open perhaps Banksy been there [or just around the corner.]

Street Art – Banksy

4 thoughts on “Street Art – Banksy

    1. Cool, that is what I like the most, that you can find his work of art everywhere, New Orleans, New York, London or the other side of the world. Global street art.

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