Overcoming Failure

Overcoming Failure

No failure

If JK. Rowling let failure take her down, there would not been a Harry Potter. All the children of the early 20th century would have a childhood without magic. And the young generation after would not hear or see the astonishing story taking place outside the muggle world.

JK. Rowling was turned down by multiple publishers for years but that did not stop her to try again.

If let Walt Disney let failure take him down, there would not been a Disneyland. All the children of the 60´s would have a childhood where Cinderella, Mickey Mouse and Aladdin only exit in movies. And the generation after would not experience the magical feeling of hugging their favorite character, a moment when children can believe in fairy tales.

Walt Disney theme park concept was trashed 302 times but that did not stop him to try the 303rd time.

If a young child let failure take them down, there would not  been an adult in this world. If all of the young people would not raise every time they failed, there would not been a next generation.

God, know how many times people fall but that did not stop the generations before us and neither would it stop us! 

Expect mistakes, remind yourself that you are good enough, remain calm, forget about how other people view you,  shift out of your head space, stop worrying and start laughing,  review what failure have taught you, stay in the present, allow yourself to fail on purpose, focus on trying again, grow, ditch boredom and live large.

“It is easy to accept success, but harder to embrace failure and overcome it to reach success. But that should not stop us.”

Overcoming Failure