Young Spirit – Filiz Boyraz

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Filiz Boyraz lives in Stockholm, Sweden and is one of my closest friends. And this is what this young spirits thinks about the world, dreams and everyday life…

When did you realize you like to photograph?
At the end of ninth grade, I had started to follow blogs which inspired me. At first I bought a digital camera but it did not take so long time before I bought myself a SLR camera. I would like to dedicate more time to take pictures. More time to take picture of simple and everyday life. I like everyday life.

Filiz TurkietFiliz Boyraz Cami

Do you have other interests?
I feel like I do not have time for more, used to play handball. Maybe in the future I could have programming as a hobby, do it on my spare time. My interest in programming did not really start until I began my education. Though the thought did come up during a curse in webdesign. I thought they were the same thing but the are two completely different things.  It is fun because it is like building with blocks but in programming everything is digital. 

filiz 5 ninjaDo Filiz have any dream?
Not really, everything is uncertain. The longest I can think about is traveling and studying abroad. Studying in Korea is something I promise myself to do, take the chance to study at one of the top universities and live in a place long from home.

“It will not remain a dream, it is a must.”

Otherwise, I find it hard to plan something that is in the future. When I was younger i used to have a clearer picture about every day but now I feel that daily life never is exactly the same as you imagine.

filiz marathon
You recently ran a marathon with a friend, how did that feel?
Well, this marathon was not exactly a marathon, much shorter. Still at the finish line, I felt great.  I broke my own record because the amazing competitive atmosphere. Competition is defiantly something I like. More competition about different schoolwork is something I would like to participate in.

“It is not that I like to compare myself with others, I just like the way it makes me feel, do act smart during pressure and stress.”

Do you surprise yourself when you accomplish something?
I always surprise myself. You can imagine what might happen but it never be like you expected it to be. When I accomplish something it strengthens my confidence, sometimes too much. (laughter)

filiz 4 landfiliz walking explore
A perfect day is…
The more things I get out of that day, the more happy and satisfied I am with the day. A lazy day at home is nice but it is not so interesting. I usually go out for walks and when I end up on streets I never explored or been, then I pretty happy about that day.

filiz 2When do you feel the strongest?
After training (laughter). That is when I am physically strong but mentally I would say when I talk myself in to doing something I have been hesitating about for a long time.

In contrast, when are you weakest?
When you do not understand something that someone tries to explain to you over and over again. Then I do not like to have to ask again. An other situation is when you regret not doing something.

filiz cover eyes
A question that is uncomfortable to ask.
If I am uncertain about how a person feels and when I need to ask about personal things, which is not exactly my best side.

Dream destination.
There is so many places I would like to see. If I just pick a country just like that…then Egypt. Something in Africa but with a middle eastern vibe. Okay, I  changed my mind, I would choose Morocco. My mother´s friend was recently there and showed us some picture, now I so want to go there. A place that has got desert and camels.

Do you have any close childhood memory?
When I was little we spent a lot of time in Turkey and the nights there is pitch black. I used to play hide and seek in the middle of the night with the neighborhood´s children. And that is something we always talk about now when we meet again.

filiz in the walk
If you could improve yourself with something, what would that be?
More social skills. Be able to express myself in text. I do not really have a great interest in it but I begin to comprehend that expressing myself in text might be something I need to work on.

filiz 6 book
Have you ever though about the meaning of life?
Yes, I actually have. The meaning of life is having things to look forward to. It can be ordinary things like “today I am going school or going to eat dinner with my friends”. As a child I read a book that actually was about the meaning of life and it was a boy that asked people what they thought was the purpose of life.  That book made me think and ask myself that question. The explanations from different people was quiet simple, it was a book for  children.

“An explanation I remember was a old man saying that the purpose of life was candy.”

Any expectations on the world?
No.  I have no expectations and therefore I am not disappointed either. I survive pretty good with that.  Describing people I would say that they are strangers and alive. But recently I have been more open for the world, especially different food. partly because of my friends.

filiz schoolfiliz programing
You are studying programming which is a field with not so many girls. How is that?
I does not bother me so much. I tried to hang out with some of the girls but it did not go so well.  There is lot of talk about few girls reading this course and the universities tries attract them to this field in a wrong way.  I think you really do not have to say something, the ones interested in this field will eventually end up in this field. I did not hear anything about this talk when I applied this education, I just took it since it had a lot of math.

“You should take what you are interested in and not what other people say about it.”

I do not know if some feel like the small amount of girls in the programming field might stop them from taking the education. Like earlier mentioned, I never heard about this “problem”, maybe that is why it was easy to choose. It does not bother me.

Latest song you heard.
Something I heard on the train on my way.
A song from a Korean music group ViXX.

”The Housekeeper and the Professor” by Yoko Ogawa.  
It is about math, at the same time more than just that. It is about relationships and using math as communication  when there is no other way to communicate.

Autumn – Spring
Countryside – City
Breakfast – Dinner (As long as it is special and not the ordinary, anything would do.)
Books – Movie

filiz last words 2filiz last words

Last words. 
I have been thinking about a question you asked me awhile ago,  about what I would have said as an advice to a large amount of people.

“There is nothing you can say to a large group of people, each individual has something unique for them that they need hear.”

(Photos: Filiz Boyraz Instagram, @filizboyraz.)

Thank you so much, Filiz!

Young Spirit – Filiz Boyraz

It is okay – Lost Dreams

Lost Dreams


Let’s clear something out, this something is called dreams.

Often people ask you about your dreams in life, what you want to do when you grow up or what is your passion that keeps you running?

The truth is, dreams are not always clear. Dreams can be hard to find, which can make you feel lost and misplaced.  Dreams can change, you develop every second so it is not surprising that your dreams change too. Dreams can be undefined, it is not always about work, education and achievements. Dreams can be anything.

It is okay not to have a specific dream. Living for each day, living in the moment and living to grow might give more mindfulness than accomplishing and living dreams.

It is okay to have dreams and it is okay not to have dreams.

“Just keep your mind open, stay true, respect everyone and great things will happen to you, great things that go beyond your lost dreams.”

It is okay – Lost Dreams

Young Spirits

Young Spirits


A new young spirit is coming up soon.

Each month there will be an interview with a young individual about their dreams, hopes and expectations. The aim is to show that each spirit is unique in its own way but we all have ups and downs in life. Hopefully, one will find inspiration through these stories and have the courage to share their own.

There is so much we can learn from each other.

Meanwhile, you can always read about previous young spirits.

Young Spirits

Honest Approach ss14 – Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

//BackstageStella Backstage

“I think it’s an honest approach. A celebration of who we are and who our woman is,”

-Stella McCartney

Stella Backstage 2Stella Backstage 3Stella Backstage 4photographed by Taylor Jewell

//Runwaystella-mccartney-rtw-ss2014-runway-02_075240551456stella-mccartney-rtw-ss2014-runway-16_075251970223stella-mccartney-rtw-ss2014-runway-18_075253758187 (1)stella-mccartney-rtw-ss2014-runway-20_075255320673stella-mccartney-rtw-ss2014-runway-28_07530213425stella-mccartney-rtw-ss2014-runway-26_075300341506stella-mccartney-rtw-ss2014-runway-09_075246841699

Photos by Marcus Tondo/

Stella McCartney ´s line SS14 lives up to her statement, it is honest from beginning to end.

Honest Approach ss14 – Stella McCartney