Young Spirit // Sara Al-Amirri


Sara Al-Amirri lives in Stockholm Sweden with her family, and she is not just any person. She is my closest friend, partner in crime and “person”. Even though we might not have a blood relationship we are closer than sisters, we are soul-sisters.

Tell me about your mornings? What kind of person are you in the morning? Earlier you told me something about shutting the world outside.
Yes, I am not much of a morning person.

Do you know why it is so?
No, I do not really know.
(Sara looks over the platform with a thoughtful look. As she grasps her thoughts she begins to explain, focusing back at me to reply further.)
Mornings are usually stressful. Like on the weekends, when I wake up peacefully and the sun shines through the window, it is a completely different thing. But the mornings when you are waking up and you are suppose to go to work…
…I think about all the things I need to do, I need to change clothes, eat my breakfast and there is so much I have to do before I can leave for work. The mornings determines the rest of the day but that does not need to be true.

“God, what I feel that I can be honest and truthful.”

That sounds wonderful.
Yes it is pretty awesome feeling.
(We continue back to our previous topic.)
Yes, if you are late it determines the outcome of the rest of the day. If you have a good morning, then it feels that the rest of the day will be fine.

Have it always been like that?
It think so, unfortunately. I wish that I could be more of a morning person. However, this week I woke up early because I wanted to, not because I have to.

Earlier we talked about when you feel the strongest, can you tell me more about it?
That is when I realize that I cannot control everything. Humans often desire to control everything but to know that you are not actually capable to do so. This is what I think. So I feel the strongest when I do not feel like I need to control everything.

When did you discover this strength?
Now, when you have realized that life has its ups and downs. Or you say that life goes up and down but I think I have been spoiled a big part of my life.

In what way?
There have been many ups and many downs but I have not truly thought about the downs. When life goes down, you end up feeling sorry for yourself. Now I can say that I am thankful for the downs too.

When do you experience your lowest and weakest point?
This might also be the same thing as my strength, that I cannot control everything. And then I think about how weak I am.

“Is your strength also your weakness?”

I think so, I think so absolutely.
(Sara nodes her head determinedly.)

Honey Boo Boo Child

Are you disappointed with the world? Is the world the same as when you were a child?
I am not disappointed with the world but rather the people. As a child you are naive and you have not experienced so much. You think so well about people, it is not like I go around and think bad of people, it is just that you see people differently. This might be that you as person also have your own good and bad sides. Some people have more or less of each characteristics. This is why I am disappointed on people, that they are not as caring as one might think.

Have you discovered something new about the world?
This might sound like a cliche but I think it is love. It has always been there, I have experienced. In older days when you are all grown up and see the world dissimilar to before. You see love in other people too. It is such a strong emotion, and it might also be love towards other things than people. And I would not be wrong to feel more of this feeling but on the other hand it is scary that it can over you completely. You cannot really control it.



How does your dreams look like?
To be frank, I do not dare to have to big dreams. Of course, you should have dreams and it is not wrong. As a person I am not the optimistic kind. It might be because people, expectations on yourself and others. I have learned not to have expectations and then it will turn out to be the best. Dreams are another word for expectations. You do dream about happiness and that everything goes good but you are have the nature to be realistic. That it might go badly sometimes.


Any role models in your life that inspire you?
I see her as a strong women but then there is also other people that have been through so much, been through a “harder situation” that is inspiring but I cannot say that much about her to say she have not been through something hard. Beyoncé´s ability to stay humble and down to earth even though she is famous inspires me. A person would always want to see themselves as down to earth and I would defiantly want more of that characteristic.

Describe life with one word.
Fantastic! (Sara says this without giving it a thought, she reply on my question before I complete my question.)
I become so touched as we talk! Life is fantastic!

“Life has it downs but eventually it will go alright, and that is fantastic.”

Tell me more about Sara teen years from now.
Hopefully happy and more secure and confident about myself.


I have heard about your dream about Toscana. Would you tell me more about it?
A beautiful house surrounded by fields. The house should be natural and simple, not luxurious at all. The floor and walls can be uneven. A house with lots of love in it. Love is family and friends. I see myself in different periods of life in that house.

Breakfast – Dinner
Spring – Fall
Friends – Alone
Book- Movie
I prefer movies but I love to learn to read more.

Latest song you heard?
A song we heard today. Money on my mind by Sam Smith.

Describe your time before and after this talk.
I was with a couple of really fantastic friends down town, we went on a walk and visited a cafeteria. And after this interview I will eat, clean my room and prepare myself for the week.

What would you like to improve about yourself?
There is lots of things, but if I have to choose one thing, it is to become less of a perfectionist.

Last words
To you I would like to say thanks and to people reading this;

“Laugh more!”

Young Spirit // Sara Al-Amirri

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