What Does Your Cup of Coffee Say about You?

What Does Your Cup of Coffee Say about You?

               Audrey Hepburn      Google Image (Breakfast at Tiffany´s)

Daily Mail have published a market research about people´s addition to coffee and what your choice of coffee say about you.

The café that I usually go to have more of the common coffee mixtures so my choice of coffee is often the same, I always take a cup of Cappuccino with soy milk. Though, if I had the choice to take a Macchiato I would rather take that. What kind of coffee do you take?

If your are not much of a coffee lover the guide below might help you to choice a type of coffee. However, you really need to taste the coffee before you can really be sure. For now one can pick the type of coffee that sound good and pleasing. Then read the statement about your type.

Are you ready to see the result?

To be honest, my choice of coffee “personality” (macchiato) pretty much nailed it. How about  you?

Coffee type                                                                                                                      (Image by Daily Mail)

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